Year: 2022


Work from Home… the most used word in the past 2 years. Just like everything even WFH is now getting polarized reactions, some love it and some absolutely hate it !

The Answer

Almost forever we have been teaching sellers to ask questions. In fact, all our key sales methodologies SPIN Selling, Consultative Selling, and Solution Selling have propagated the importance of the seller's skill in asking Questions.


So this is my focus for 2022! My word of this year is “Simple“.

Push, Pull or Slide?

It’s no more a Push or Pull, it’s a slide door!

Omnipresence in Sales

What works and what doesn’t? When it comes to sales, there is a no-holds barred technique that bombards the right information, to the right people, at the right time. How do they do it… Let’s find out...

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