What works and what doesn’t? When it comes to sales, there is a no-holds barred technique that bombards the right information, to the right people, at the right time. How do they do it… Let’s find out…

What does the sales world incorporate within its unlimited boundaries? Is it just Instagram sales posts, tie-ups with social butterflies that love facing the camera or is it the more nuanced techniques that include sales funnelling and SEO friendly keywords? The truth is, there is no ideal path.

A jack of all… masters it all

A multi-touch point system is ideal when it comes to establishing incremental sales figures in these fast-paced times. Curating an ideal sales branch requires drawing people into becoming potential customers, eventually becoming self-vocational brand ambassadors to your sales pitch. The cycle is tough, but thorough and it requires one to optimally utilize multiple sales points to curate the ideal customer base: something which is uncompromising in the world of digital sales.

How to do that…

An organization needs to employ multiple channels that will act as satellite points to create a buzz – the ultimate aim of which should be ascertaining sales. It doesn’t matter if an organization or company has the competence to use such channels. The world of outsourcing is so strong that any sales body can utilize available resources in the market to create a full-proof utilization unit, of all available sales channels.

Simplified – this means that one can have multiple partners present for different aspects of sales. Want to have a prime-time radio slot? Involve a local celebrity Radio Jockey. Want to go bonkers on the world wide web, start a podcast. There is absolutely no restriction to the channels that one can indulge in to meet their sales goals.

Once Again – The Three Ps

It has always been about the three Ps. From a human-resource standpoint, it’s Purpose, Process and Performance when it comes to recruitment. For Sales, the three Ps would include.
Presence: The concept of a multi-platform presence would include curating a sales system that would include multiple channels partnering to reach a common sales goal. The wider the presence the better it is to create sales avenues for one product or service.
Positioning: This is one crucial part of the sales project that includes much more than just utilization of different channels. It primarily emphasizes on selection of the right channels for sales. A vivid example would be, using Tik-Tok to market Adult Diapers. Such an attempt would be the opposite to efficient positioning. It would be ideal to position Cuban chains in Music Videos featuring prominent rap musicians, but it wouldn’t be ideal to sell stock options on a poster outside a bankruptcy lawyer’s office.
Positioning is key while using multiple channels for sales.
Prominence: One more key aspect to keep in mind would be to understand the prominence of each platform while managing sales. Does a podcast work better than a webinar? If not, choose a webinar. Does Facebook Marketplace work much more efficiently than old-school newspaper clippings? Choose wisely, because the prominence of your sales depends on which platform you use to maximize your brand presence.
Sales is not complex and yet, it is not definitive either. There is no stipulated pathway to sales success, there is however a concurrence between understanding the ever-evolving sales market – studying the presence of unique cases across the world to grow and develop newer techniques.
Merge an introductory promotional video with some quirky and quick infographics for social media. Complement the vintage print-media presence with a huge frontpage banner and a same-day radio advertorial. Merge, entwine, enlarge and grow – because omnipresence is what converts a product/service into a brand and we as sales professionals are here to help.

Priya Sachdev


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